Darek Strychalski is an ultramarathon runner and a disabled person. The right side of his body is partially paralysed. One of his legs is shorter than the other one, and one of his eyes is blind. Many years ago he was told he would never walk and now he runs ultramarathons and competes with non-disabled runners. His unbelievable fortitude and perseverance serve as a great motivation for thousands of people. Darek takes a humble approach towards adversities and failures. However, he believes that he can turn each of them into his future victories.

His biggest sporting achievement has been to complete the Badwater ultramarathon which is believed to be the toughest ultramarathon in the world. His first attempt in 2012 was a failure due to a heavy sunstroke he suffered from. Darek got back to Badwater in 2014, ran the route of 217 km in 45:11:10, and reached the finish line with a smile on his face.

You can learn more on Darek from The Winner, directed by Jakub Górajek.


It was on a winter day in January 2014 when Darek decided that it was high time to use his passion to help others in need. This is how the idea of setting up a foundation came up. The thought popped up in January, and in June that year “The Winner”, Darek Strychalski’s Foundation, came to life. The main objective of the Foundation is to support the disabled athletes who have not been lucky enough in life to get as much support from the family and friends as Darek got.




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